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Initiatives for Environment

Environmental Policies

United Urban has established the "Environmental Policies" to approach the environmental issues.

Environmental Policies

United Urban Investment Corporation, aware of its corporate social responsibility, will do its utmost to contribute to sustainable prosperity of our society under the considerations on the environment and efforts for reduction of environmental burdens.

  1. Energy saving and measures for global warming
    United Urban Investment Corporation will proactively promote efficient use of resources and energy and contribute toward realization of a low-carbon society through introducing such technologies and systems as being friendly to the environment.
  2. Reduction of environmental burdens
    United Urban Investment Corporation will make efforts for reduction of environmental burdens and realization of a recycling society through such measures as saving water, reducing (curb of the waste), re-using and recycling together with reduction of carbon emission.
  3. Compliance with Environment-Related Laws and Regulations
    In compliance with the environment-related laws and regulations, United Urban Investment Corporation will strive to preserve the environment standing.
  4. Promotion of Environmental Communication
    United Urban Investment Corporation will work to proactively disclose its initiatives on the environment and other environment-related information and collaborate with our varied stakeholders through communication with the society.
  5. Environmental education and enlightenment
    Through education and enlightenment on the environment, United Urban Investment Corporation will work to improve the environmental awareness.
  6. Continuous improvement
    In order to improve its environmental performance mentioned above, United Urban Investment Corporation will make efforts to strengthen its environmental management system continuously.

November 2018

Sustainability Objectives

United Urban has established its objectives on sustainability as follows;

As an owner of large-scale business facilities whose greenhouse effect gas emissions are assumed to be high, United Urban sets a target to reduce the “specific energy consumption rate” by 1% per annum on average for 5 years (“Specific energy consumption rate” is calculated by the factors like energy consumption, floor space, etc.).
Untied Urban will accomplish the above mentioned target by such means as introducing highly-efficient equipments suitable to each facility on replacement of air-conditioners or lighting equipments.

Environmental Performance

United Urban has made efforts to reduce energy consumption by switching over the lighting equipment to LED etc. Smart meters (*) have been set in 35 properties among its 116 properties (as of July 31, 2019, excluding the properties consisting of only land). United Urban is also promoting to put green lease clauses in lease agreements in collaboration with its office tenants.

* A smart meter is a next-generation power meter that can measure electricity consumption digitally and have a function to send the relevant data within it. It enables to get the picture on electricity consumption and analyze optimal activity on electricity consumption with the data stored by it.

1. Changes in Electricity Usage, Greenhouse Gas Usage, and Water Usage

A (Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions) B (Water Usage)
Gas Usage CO2Emissions Water Usage
Scope 1 Scope 2
Number of
GJ GJ thousand
Number of
thousand ㎡
2014 69 1,133,104 136,440 7 60 60 613
2015 74 1,168,739 122,683 6 62 63 623
2016 71 1,239,085 154,803 8 66 95 1,394
2017 72 1,254,262 165,330 8 61 105 1,518
2018 71 1,336,657 170,936 9 64 109 1,598
*1 The aggregated data of performance for each fiscal year, which is the period from April of one year to March of the following year.
*2 The number of subject properties in the aggregated data differs for each fiscal year and for group A and group B.

2. Historical greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity at office buildings owned by United Urban

t-CO2/㎡ Compared to the previous year Number of Target Properties
2014 0.08853 96.9% 41
2015 0.08650 97.7% 41
2016 0.08583 99.2% 38
2017 0.08166 95.1% 39
2018 0.07799 95.5% 36
* The aggregated data of performance for each fiscal year, which is the period from April of one year to March of the following year.

Effective Use and Reuse of Water

United Urban has been conducting initiatives for effective use and reuse of water.

ExampleShinjuku Washington Hotel

  • Appearance


  • Filtration system

    Filtration system

Location: Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station: JR Shinjuku Station South Exit, Tochomae Station, Toei Oedo Line
Total floor space: 59,985.37㎡
Number of floors: B4/25F

The property, one of the largest hotels in the Shinjuku Shintoshin area, has 1,279 guest rooms, wedding and conference facilities, restaurants, a convenience store, etc. and has been used by varied customers every day.

Recognizing importance of mitigation of environmental burdens such as electricity saving or waste reduction, various measures are being taken. As part of these initiatives, the water used in baths of guest rooms has been reused as flush of the toilets throughout the property.

Waste Management

* Each performance is based on the aggregated data of 70 of the properties owned by United Urban as of March 31, 2019 for the period from April 2018 to March 2019.

Conservation of Biodiversity

In view of conservation of biodiversity, United Urban has established the policy not to introduce any alien species concerned to spread widely and become a threat to the surrounding ecosystem.

Promotion of Green Lease

"Green lease" is an initiative to mitigate environmental burdens including energy efficiency on real estate properties and improve office working environment by putting these in the form of lease agreements, memorandums of understanding, etc. Establishment of win-win relationships between the building owners and tenants with mutual benefit such as reduction of utility costs is to be expected through this initiative.
In principle, United Urban puts green lease clauses in lease agreements with its office tenants who enter into new contracts. United Urban intends to extend this initiative to retail properties, hotels, residential properties, etc.

Ratio of office tenants with whom United Urban has concluded contracts including green lease clauses: 27.8% (*)

* Data as of November 30, 2018. The ratio is calculated by (the number of tenants with whom United Urban has concluded contracts including green lease clauses) / (the number of office tenants excluding their residential parts) and is expressed as a percentage. Also note that a tenant who has entered into several agreements for a single property is counted as 1.


Taking advantage of being a diversified J-REIT, United Urban has invested in properties with mixed uses. Such complexes work as integral part of the communities due to their scale and convenience and are thought to contribute mitigation of the environmental burdens by shortening movement distance of their customers. Two properties mentioned below are United Urban’s exemplary complexes.

Case 1Shin-Osaka Central Tower

  • 新大阪セントラルタワー


  • 新大阪セントラルタワー

    Entrance hall

Location: Osaka, Osaka
Nearest Station: 4-minute walk from Shin-Osaka Station, JR Tokaido Shinkansen, JR Kyoto Line and Midosuji Subway Line
Total floor space: 58,882.64㎡
Number of floors: B1/23F

The property is a complex where the basement floor to 2nd floor and 12th to 23rd floors are used as a hotel and retail shops and the 3rd to 11th floors are for office use. In close proximity to Shin-Osaka Station on the JR Tokaido Shinkansen and other lines, this is a property that can expect large volume of business travel needs from not only Kansai Area but also Tokyo Area and other places.


It has advantages in location as a keystone of Kansai Area and transportation convenience, with close proximity to a Shinkansen (bullet train) station, and benefit from hotel-office complex that are suitable for area headquarters.
Naturally, there is strong demand not only from local companies but also from the companies those have their headquarters in Tokyo and other areas.


“Washington Hotel Plaza Shin-Osaka” has a size of 491 guest rooms and is used as a hub for business and other travelers to Kansai Area due to its location. In addition, with banquet halls that can accommodate up to 450 persons, it is also widely used for weddings, various kinds of conferences, etc.

(Retail, Fitness club)

“Central Fitness Club Shin-Osaka Ekimae” is used by local customers and businesspersons and has been contributing to health promotion for various age groups. Other tenants include clinics and a convenience store, and the event hall “Les Lumieres” (660 m2; ceiling height: 5.9 m) is used for meetings, exhibitions, etc. by various types of companies.

Case 2SS30

  • SS30


  • SS30

    Hotel building

Location: Sendai, Miyagi
Nearest Station: 8-minute walk from Sendai Station, JR Tohoku Line
4-minute walk from Sendai Station, Sendai Subway
Total floor space: 110,955.68㎡
Number of floors: B3/31F

The skyscraper with height exceeding 100 meters first built in Tohoku Area is a landmark building of Sendai composed of three buildings: an office building, a fitness club building and a hotel building. Located within walking distance of Sendai Station, which is the busiest station in Tohoku Area, the location offers excellent traffic convenience. In addition, with an underground parking lot that can accommodate over 300 cars, the property also works as a park-and-ride base for those from the suburbs of Sendai City.

(Office building)

The 3rd to 27th floors are office floors and occupied by many companies. In addition, an observatory on the 30th floor offers a panoramic view, from southern part of Sendai City to the Pacific Ocean. A convenience store, showrooms, a dental clinic, an educational institution, restaurants, etc. occupy some of lower floors and upper floors, and these are used widely by businesspersons and residents in the neighborhood.

(Hotel building)

The Tobu Hotel Group’s “Sendai Kokusai Hotel” has a history of about 30 years in this location. It has not only 234 guest rooms but also 15 banquet halls ranging from small to large, a chapel, restaurants, etc. and works as a full-service hotel that can satisfy a wide range of needs, such as business conventions, weddings and parties.

(Fitness club building)

“Central Fitness Club Sendai,” a building with 2 floors above ground and 1 floor below ground, is a comprehensive fitness club with studios, pool, a squash court, a sauna, etc., and is used widely by businesspersons and residents in the neighborhood with its rarity located in the center of Sendai City.

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