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Actions on ESG Materiality

* Please refer to ESG Materiality for the definition and further detail.

Among various ESG issues, United Urban has selected those to be done intently as a real estate investment trust. Major ESG initiatives on which United Urban puts a high priority have been specified as "Materiality". The action plan and target for each Materiality are annually monitored and reviewed accordingly.

Achievements/Results of Materiality


Materiality Action Plan/Target
Environment Energy management/
use of renewable energy
Cut 40% of GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emission in 2014 by 2030.
Green certified buildings
  • Acquire external environmental certification including GRESB Green Star.
  • Obtain DBJ Green Building, CASBEE, BELS and other external certifications and raise the coverage to 60% (total floor area based) by 2020.
Tenant and property
manager engagement
Incorporate green lease clauses in 100% of contracts by 2030. (Including buildings that are wholly leased, excluding residences)
Society Employee job satisfaction/wellness
  • Improve productivity through investments in technology.
  • Continue and enhance a culture that respects and helps each other.
Contribution to
local community/
local government
As a member of society, simultaneously contribute to local disaster prevention measures and revitalization while increasing the interest of individual investors in J-REITs.
Contribution to real estate
Governance Disclosure and assurance Enhance risk management through improvements in IT literacy.
Disclosure for investors Proactive disclosure of non-financial information centering on ESG related material.
Whistleblower protection Reconfirm compliance awareness in each employee, circulate internal whistleblower systems.


Materiality Achievements Res-
Environment Energy management/
use of renewable energy
  • Assess the electricity usage of all 65 properties contracted with power companies.
  • Assess the electricity usage of 108 properties including tenants who rent entire buildings.
Green certified buildings 4 Star rating from GRESB for the first time in 2019.
Highest “A” ranking for the second consecutive year in GRESB’s disclosure of evaluation in 2019.
Environment Certification Coverage
As of December 2018: 45 properties
  Number of property basis: 39.8%
  Total floor space basis: 52.5%
As of December 2019: 54 properties
  Number of property basis: 46.2%
  Total floor space basis: 58.5%
Tenant and property
manager engagement
Agreement Ratio of Green Lease
Office Buildings
As of November 2018: 27.8%
As of September 2019: 32.0%
Retail Facilities
As of September 2019: 33.2%
Society Supply chain management Incorporated ESG items in the qualitative PM continuous check sheet, and promoted awareness on the field from the perspective of AM. 3
Employee job satisfaction/wellness
  • Introduction of a “no overtime day” to create awareness about leaving work on time.
  • Recommended employees to take week-long paid vacations once a year.
  • Implemented teleconference systems, shortened work time by transitioning to PCs.
Governance Disclosure and assurance Started pre-operations of new system in August 2019.
Scheduled to completely switch over during 2020.
Executive compensation/
employee remuneration
Implement a system for the JRA employees to acquire United Urban’s investment units using a part of their monthly salary. (August 2019) 3
Board skills/diversity Changed two Supervisory Officers (as of September 2019)
  • Ratio of females in management team: 0% → 33%
  • Avg. consecutive years served by Supervisory Officers: 6 years → 0 years
3: Reached target, 2: Improving (though target has not been reached), 1: Continuing to tackle the issue.

For past achievements, please refer to this page.

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