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Initiatives for Society

United Urban is implementing various initiatives in light of the expectations and interests of stakeholders and United Urban's impacts.

Contribution to the Community through Buildings

United Urban places emphasis on long-term coexistence of its properties with their local administrations and communities. Now the initiatives to contribute to their local administrations and communities are underway in 40 properties among United Urban's 113 properties (*).

Specific Examples of Contribution to the CommunityMallage Kashiwa

  • Supporters of Mama-life “Mallage mama”
    1. Supporters of Mama-life “Mallage mama”
  • Sports Park
  • Sports Park
    2. Sports Park
  • Radio Exercises
    3. Radio Exercises
Location: Kashiwa, Chiba
Nearest Station: 12-minute by bus from Kashiwa Station, JR Joban Line
Total floor space: 54,689.28㎡

The property is a suburban shopping center near National Route 16. A grocery store, a home center and other shops selling daily necessities as well as a large sporting goods store and many other specialty stores are located in this property. The wide variety of shops and stores is thought to attract customers from a widespread area. United Urban has pursued contribution toward the resident in the neighborhood through the following initiatives in this property.

Example 1:Childcare Support

Efforts have been made in this property to support children’s healthy growth and child-raising mothers by working together with Kashiwa City, civic groups, etc. Seminars on eurhythmics, or massage for babies, a flea market for children’s goods, and other events for children have been held on a regular basis in this property. Such seminars or events provide communication opportunities for the child-raising generation.

Example 2:Initiatives for Promotion of Sports

Soccer lessons by professional soccer players serving as technical advisers are held at the sports park, a place for futsal, basketball and athletics located on the rooftop of the property. Headed by Kashiwa Reysol, a Japanese professional football club, there are many alliance academies and alliance clubs in Kashiwa City, and Kashiwa City is an area having strong regional ties with soccer as its core. The property is of help for formulating such ties. In addition, tournaments for 3×3 basketball, an official item of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, are regularly held with XEBIO Co., Ltd. The teams for the tournaments are varied from teams consisting of elementary school children to those of adults. Thus, the property is contributing also as a place for people of various age groups.
Other facilities for sports and health promotion of this facility include a jogging track with round of 300 meters, a running lane with a length of 50 meters, and health equipment. These facilities are available free of charge.

Example 3:Radio Calisthenics

The events for calisthenics known as "radio taiso" (literally, radio exercise) are held in July and August every year (15-day period) with Kashiwa City and Kashiwa City Social Welfare Council, etc. 3,442 persons in total participated in the events in 2018.

Example 4:Working Together with Fire Department of Kashiwa City

A traditional New Year parade by firefighters known as "dezomeshiki" (held in January) and a general disaster drill (held in November) organized by Fire Department of Kashiwa City are held at a remote parking lot, helping to raise local disaster prevention awareness.

Example 5:Mallage Hall and Mallage Room Rentals

"Mallage Hall," which can accommodate 100 persons and "Mallage Room," which can accommodate 30 persons, are located within the property and are made available for lease. These are made soundproof specifications and can be utilized for concerts, recitals, etc.

Health and Safety Inspection

For safe and comfort use of the buildings, periodic examinations and inspections of the following facilities and equipment are implemented at the 113 properties (*) owned by United Urban.

  • Elevators and escalators
  • Equipment for fire prevention, firefighting, etc.
  • Periodic inspection to special buildings (once every three years)
  • Atmospheric environment
  • Drinking water
  • Pest control


The properties owned by United Urban are equipped with wheelchair-accessible elevators, wide passageways, slopes, handrails, ostomate-friendly and disabled parking space, and are made accessible by handicapped persons. Such equipment is designed on a property-by-property basis in view of the properties being used by a diverse range of users. 58 properties out of 113 properties (*) owned by United Urban are partially or fully designed “barrier-free.”

Contribution to the Business Organization

The Asset Management Company is a regular member of Investment Trusts Association (ITA) and Association for Real Estate Securitization (ARES). Employees of the Asset Management Company have been the member of ARES's J-REIT Business Committee and Market Trend Committee for its better operation and management. Also, Asada Teruo, Chairman of the Board of Marubeni Corporation, a sole shareholder of the Asset Management Company, has been serving as Vice Chairman of ARES. The Asset Management Company has been joining various events or supporting the organizations by sending its staff to the events.

Major Events the Asset Management Company Joined (2019)

Event Sponsor Number of participants from
individual investors
ARES J-REIT IR Caravan (Sapporo) ARES Approx. 80
Investment Trust Forum 2019 (Sendai) Investment Trusts Association Approx. 300

Contribution to Society through Education Activities

■Initiatives by the Asset Management Company
(1) Collaboration with academic institutions

  • One of the employees of the Asset Management Company was appointed to one of the lecturers for a two-day MBA program on tourist business strategy in Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University and presented the hotel investment/management strategy of United Urban.
  • Another employee of the Asset Management Company joined as an advising lecturer for the open seminar competition held at the business administration department of Bunkyo Gakuin University and provided advice and guidance to the survey presented.

(2) Development of Financial Literacy

  • The Asset Management Company has sent its staff to "Investment Trust Forum" organized by ITA since 2016 and been contributing to knowledge development of individual investors regarding investment trust and J-REIT.
  • In addition, the Asset Management Company has been contributing for improvement in recognition of J-REIT by attending various explanatory meetings for individual investors.

■Marubeni's initiatives

  • Marubeni has been accepting overseas students under its internship program. During FY2017, a total of 24 students from abroad, including youths from Changchun City Youth Federation of China, All-China Youth Federation, National Mineral Resources University of Russia, Sabanci University of Turkey, and École Nationale d'Administration (ENA) of France were accepted as interns at the company.
  • Also, Marubeni signed a memorandum with Qatar University on making donations and has been continuously having their students as interns.

Investor Engagement

United Urban has been putting priority on fair disclosure to all investors and conducting timely disclosure including simultaneous Japanese/English press release, etc. and making its website reader friendly.

United Urban has been pursuing direct communications with various investors. The latest IR activities are as follows.

Meetings with Investors (2019)

Institutional Investors Japan Overseas
Individual Investors No. of seminars
UUR participated
Seminar Participants

*Values in parentheses are those for events that took place outside of Tokyo.

Business Partner Engagement

United Urban has notified 972 business partners of its "Environmental Policies" and "Basic Supply Chain ESG Policy".
In addition, United Urban has acquired the written confirmation about observance of its "Environmental Policies" and "Supply Chain ESG Guidelines" from all 32 directly-contracted property management companies for each property.

Employee Engagement

Please refer to the Web site of the Asset Management Company.

* As of November 30, 2018, excluding the properties consisting of only land

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