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Management Strategy of United Urban

Distinction of United Urban

United Urban aims to reduce several risks and secure stable earnings over the medium to long term by diversifying its investments in terms of the type of use and area of location as a diversified J-REIT. The main sponsor of United Urban is Marubeni Corporation, a general trading company which has connections with a wide range of industries. United Urban aims for continuous and stable portfolio management by taking advantage of the functions of the Marubeni Group, particularly in real estate related business.

Management Policy of United Urban

External Growth
Property acquisition taking advantage of being a diversified REIT and multifaceted support of the sponsor.
Shuffle of portfolio in consideration of improvement of asset quality and portfolio profitability.
Internal Growth
Portfolio management from a medium- to long-term perspective, considering tenant relation.
Enhancement of property competitiveness through strategic capital expenditure.
Financing Strategy
Building up a robust financial standing that can cope with the changes in the financial market.
Diversification of funding source.

To maximize unitholders’ interest by securing a medium- to long-term stable income stream

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